Garage Door Repair and Replacement: The Ins and Outs

Garage doors are great when they correctly open or close. However, for the door that sticks and just won’t budge or if it is off the track, that can definitely ruin a good day. Home repair problems are challenging and on the top of the repair list is a malfunctioning garage door. When it is raining and the car is full of groceries, a stuck garage door is definitely trouble.

Most homeowners can identify with this type of situation. Professional repair services will charge from $50 up to $350. There are two types of doors. One type rolls up in sections and the other type swings up in one flat piece. Most have heavy-duty metal springs and metal track secured to the garage wall and door frame with mounting brackets. If the door does not open smoothly, check for loose hinges, brackets, or maybe a pinched track. Tighten all bolts and screws. Examine the track for damage, such as dents or crimping along the track. Check for rust and worn spots and hardened grease. The severely damaged track should be replaced. For uneven or misaligned tracks, try realigning them. Loosen the bolts and screws and realign the track, then, re-tighten the screws and bolts in place and check with a level. This job works well for two people. Clean the tracks by removing dirt, rust, and debris. Ensure the rollers are clean and smoothly roll along the track. Inspect the chain which sits inside the rail connected to the door opener motor housing unit. Springs and hinges should not be damaged, loose or pinched. Replace damaged parts and warped wood that hold the door in place. Use caution when working with torsion springs. They are heavy and powerful. It is not worth risking an injury to save a few dollars on a repair bill. Hire a professional garage door repair service to replace the torsion springs and perform an overall inspection.

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Sometimes the broken garage door problem lies with the automatic opener. Often problems occur between the transmitter and the motor unit. Moisture buildup can cause the opener motor to stop working. Check for electric service problems and transmitter issues. Some door openers will last 10 to 15 years. Safety sensors can be a tricky problem and may need to be replaced. Other common problems are with the circuit board, a bad motor, a broken power unit or wall switch, bad switch wires, old batteries, or a damaged remote receiver. When repairing the automatic opener, be safe by letting others know that the door is out of service. If possible, work with the door down. If working on the door, unplug or disable the electric service to the automatic opener. While the door is being repaired, use proper safety measures. Do not allow others to use the remote button. While repairing the automatic door opener, avoid accidental electrocution. Avoid taking on a task that is more than can be handled with limited DIY experience, hire a professional service repair company.